Ken Lum's design philosophy, resume, projects, publications, biography and contact information. Projects cover (F)Light - finalist Flight 93 September 11 Memorial, The River Sanctuaries - interfaith sacred space for religious reconciliation

There is something about contemporary architecture being overtly stagnant, eternal, repetitive, monumental or overly dynamic, chaotic, illusive, deconstructive that spurred my pursuit of a design philosophy that would address their incompatible agendas. I believe the nature of such contrary design practices is a response to our overwhelmingly segregated contemporary condition, fixed ideologies and over-rationalization; many are uninspiring and boast a resume of rigidity rendering them victims to time.


My attitude towards design PROJECTS is rooted in an indeterminable collage of the rational and experiential aspects of architecture. The RECOGNITION of such indefinite qualities results in a design process that places less emphasis on mimicking conventional and outdated design typologies. By rooting each project to its ‘sense of place and purpose’ and inscribing in each a transcendental / evolutionary quality, we begin to re-evaluate and expand on contemporary notions of form, function and space thereby eradicating failing notions of ‘working typologies’ and ‘design style’. This allows architecture to remain purposeful, yet be able to take on a unique and timeless dimension, offering its occupant physical and spiritual  CONTACT with the inexpressible values of an indefinite and ever-changing world.


This site is an EXPLORATION of theoretical and professional works that attempt to reconcile the lasting BIOGRAPHY of place with the ineffable phenomenon of the transcendental through architecture and landscape, art and design.


Ken Lum     MRAIC, M.Arch, BES - Architecture

Architecture Professional and Designer


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Materials on (F)LIGHT : 9/11 National Memorial for Flight 93


(F)LIGHT official website -

official Flight 93 Memorial website -


CBC's coverage of (F)Light, a Flight 93 9/11 National Memorial | Producer Donata Chruscicki and Reporter Susan Ormiston

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