Masters of Architecture, University of Waterloo, Ontario, 2005

Bachelors of Environmental Studies in Pre-Professional Architecture, University of Waterloo, Ontario, 2002


Independent Projects


(F)LIGHT, Somerset, Pennsylvania, US, 2005

One of five finalists (from 1011 Stage I entries) short listed for Stage II to complete a design for a US30M Flight 93 September 11 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. For more information visit the (F)Light website.


The design received an OAA Award of Excellence in 2006 and has been the subject of three exhibitions - the official Flight 93 Finalist Exhibitions in Pennsylvania and Washington DC, and the AIA and Bienal Miami Exhibition in Florida.



Client : National Parks Services, US

Description : National Memorial

Designer : Ken Lum

Project Cost : $30M







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The Four Churches, Waterloo, Canada, 2005

First place design proposal and feasibility study for four churches and YWCA to increase the number of residents living downtown, to provide for unmet societal/community needs and to increase the viability of downtown congregations.



Client : The Four Churches Project Working Group

Description : Residential High Rise and Church Complex

Designer : Ken Lum

Project Cost : $75M



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Shift - Chattanooga’s new Performing Arts Center, Chattanooga, US, 2004

Design competition exploring the act of theater ritual and its relationship to site history through the manipulation of landscape and built form. The design's innovative use of steel was published by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction in 2003.







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Nature as Shelter - Arboretum and Visitor Center, Toronto, Canada, 2003

An ideas competition situated on the slopes of Toronto’s Don Valley with the intention of creating and promoting environmental awareness of Toronto’s only endangered greenbelt. Such was achieved through exploring the characteristics of nature's environmental / sustainable temperament and its introduction into building design. The design won an Energy and Design Award in 2003.









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Intern Architect with MHKW - 146 Yonge, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Situated in the financial district of downtown Toronto, 146 Yonge introduces a sophisticated and elegant response to the bustling setting of Yonge Street, markedly differing itself from the overly repetitious composition of its surrounding neighbors.


Its design aims to give architectural form to the vision of Kin Yeung’s fashion design which, as a totality, “… promotes a body language appropriate to modern urban life”. Grace of form, balance of proportions, elegance of construction and textural richness, qualities inherent in Blanc de Chine, became departure points for its design. 146 Yonge is a small building with heft - a rugged urban object with tremendous investment potential and publicity, with efficient circulation and use of space. Yet it beats a heart softened by elegant folds in its sculptural façade and ethereal light showering into its dynamic spaces; all reminiscent of movement and light on exquisite fabric.


“Bodies communicate. … clothing that adorns and protects the body is integral to this silent communication.” Much like clothing, architecture communicates with those that interact and occupy it. Blanc de Chine redefines and enhances these communications; a building based on such refined philosophies will evolve to become second to none.



Client : Kin Yeung and YCS Corporation

Architect : MHKW Architects

Description : Commercial

Project Cost : $6M









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Assistant Architect with Architects Alliance - Grenadier Landing Apartments, Toronto, Canada

Grenadier Landing is a 262 unit, 12 storey condominium and 6 townhouse complex located on Lakeshore Boulevard by Lake Ontario.


Client : Davies Smith Developments

Architect : Architect's Alliance

Description : Residential High Rise

Project Cost : $34M


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Assistant Architect with KPMB - Sprague Memorial Hall, Yale University, Connecticut, United States

The renovation of Sprague Hall didn't leave many visible exterior traces; this new connector between Sprague and William L. Harkness Hall is an exception. Architects Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg used modern materials and a Mondrian-like window pattern.




Client : Yale University

Description : Institutional, Renovation

Architect : Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg

Project Cost : withheld









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Assistant Architect with Architects Alliance, Toronto, Canada

Grenadier Landing Apartments - Lakeshore Boulevard

31 Adelaide St. Office Floor Conversion - Toronto


Assistant Architect with Montgomery Sisam Associates, Toronto, Canada

Extendicare Mississauga, Health Care Facility - Mississauga

Extendicare Toronto Rehab Institute - Toronto


Assistant Architect with Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg, Toronto, Canada

Sprague Memorial Hall - Yale University, Connecticut, United States

Trinity College Library, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Ontario


Assistant Architect with Hariri Pontarini Architects, Toronto, Canada

Assistant Architect with Page and Steeles, Toronto, Canada


Sculpture Projects


In Process 01, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Wood Sculpture for the Bahá’í Information Center at Yonge and Huron.



Client : Bahá’í Community of Toronto

Description : Wood Sculpture

Designer : Ken Lum

Project Cost : withheld



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